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Music History Timeline

The infographics below relate to the history of music. Please feel free to use them in your own teaching if they are useful. You can download them by right clicking and choosing copy or save, or by downloading the editable PowerPoint file. Below the infographics are a number of style summaries that I am writing as I need them.

Key details to share with learners about funk music are:

  • Influenced and created from a combination of soul, jazz and gospel music
  • Began in the 1960s and still going strong. This places funk at the beginning of the ‘contemporary’ band of the infographic.
  • First beat (1) is the strong beat
  • Music is based on riffs more than melody
  • The focus is on rhythmic groove
  • Instrumentation utilises electric bass, drums and often organ
  • Electric guitar riffs
  • Strong horn section
  • Sometimes there are no vocals