EdTech Music is a project by Anthony Lees, an educator, course leader and speaker from the UK.

The focus of this site is on how EdTech, apps, tools, sites and digital resources can enrich the learning experience, support less confident educators, and hopefully bring new dimensions and greater enjoyment to more experienced teachers.

In recent years this has organically grown into a small YouTube channel, blog and newsletter.


Following a decade as a class teacher, he began a business, ‘WorldBeat Media’ delivering music workshops, instrumental tuition, whole class instrumental projects and staff development.

After moving back into mainstream teaching Anthony closed the business and rebadged the initial collection of resources here. He has since continued to create and curate music education resources for the benefit of others as a hobby to maintain connected to this first love.

About Anthony

Hi friends. So the above passage gives you a flavour of where EdTechMusic came from, how after ten years in the classroom I took a number of years to work across hundreds of schools in the south west of England, teaching extended whole class music projects to primary (elementary) students and working alongside class teachers and other specialist teachers. I learnt so much in that time – when you watch others teach you always learn something! I also had the freedom to focus on my most loved subject and write schemes of work, policies, development plans and really drill down into what I believed the core of good music education looked like at the time.

In the decade since, I have moved through a single academy trust as a specialist teacher, into leadership roles and now deputy head of school, maintaining subject leadership of both music, computing and EdTech across the trust schools. I still also deliver a wide range of staff training nationally through the various school-to-school support services we deliver. It is a wonderful role.

Resume Worthy…

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE)
  • Microsoft MIE Master Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)
  • Microsoft Global Learning Mentor (Skype Master Teacher)
  • Specialist Leader of Education (SLE)
  • STEM Learning CPD Mark Lead Facilitator
  • Adobe Creative Educator
  • Wakelet Community Leader

What Next?

So you can see that as a passion project I am really glad to be able to continue this site in my spare time, maintaining current subject knowledge, and innovating with the ways technology can support education and music education.

I also find the related skills this requires me to continue to develop around publishing, presenting, recording, course creation, media design and web publishing force me to stay current and continue to learn. That too is it’s own reward.

I hope you find something that is of use to you, and find it as enjoyable as I do. Please consider reaching out via the contact page.

I’d love ot continue to raise the quality of what I can deliver here. To support me in this, please consider buying me a coffee to help towards the cost of better video equipment, which is my next step forward.