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I am delighted to have qualified as a Wakelet Community Leader! In addition to teaching students directly, as part of the computing and edtech work I am involved in I deliver a great deal of formal and informal professional development for educators. I use Wakelet every day. I often incorporate Wakelet into this work, in several ways:

  1. Sharing resources and links to students using Wakelet
  2. Teaching educators about what Wakelet is, how to use the service and then sharing examples of other great educators’ use of Wakelet.
  3. Using Wakelet as the method of sharing course content to educators for a range of subject courses.

There are a number of great content curation services out there. Padlet is another favourite, which has some additional features to Wakelet (mind maps for a start), but also some ways that it is outshone by Wakelet; simplicity of use, stability of responsive layouts on different screens for example, and the strong multi-authoring opportunities to name a few.

Wakelet lives in the browser and therefore is easily accessed across devices. I really value this functionality because it means I can prepare content on my work laptop (Surface Laptop 4 – a great workhorse windows device; sleek and thin but with a great touch screen and battery life) as well as out and about on the Wakelet app for either my iPhone 13 or iPad.

The next stage for me is to look at how to get learners creating content directly in Wakelet themselves. My route into this is initially to work on course attendees to use Wakelet themselves s part of learning activities in courses, and then to get students creating work in class using Wakelet from there.

If you’ve not come across Wakelet and what it can do yet, take a look at the site at http://wakelet.com and also this useful 5 minute intro video Wakelet in 5 minutes

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