Tips to Use OneNote to Teach Music Part 3 | Audio Bookmarking

This is part 3 of my OneNote for music teaching series – this time about audio bookmarking in music files and student’s own recordings. In this video I talk about using OneNote to teach music by bookmarking points in a piece of music, such as a choir track to help rehearse, and for student s to use to bookmark their interpretations and thoughts about what they are listening to. I also cover how to give feedback on a student’s recording of a composition or performance using the distribute page tool and audio bookmarking.

0:19 Intro
0:53 Bookmarking in tracks (by typing while playing)
2:04 Students type whilst analysing music
2:36 Giving teacher feedback on student compositions and performances

I’m Anthony, an educator from Devon, UK. I try to help primary (elementary) educators by making teaching classroom music easier, more fun and raise standards by using technology.

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