Tips to Use OneNote to Teach Music | Part 2 – Embedding





This is part 2 of my OneNote for music teaching series – this time about Embedding files and content. OneNote is a note taking app for organising pages into folders. In this video I talk about using OneNote to teach music by embedding video content, recorded lessons, forms and surveys, different audio file type and all of these through practical music making activities.

0:26 Intro

1:01 Embedding video

1:39 Linear lesson layouts

2:47 pre-recorded and live lesson

3:48 Forms

4:57 PowerPoint and ink replay

5:56 Scanned notation

6:51 MIDI files

7:38 Distributing feedback pages for learners

9:47 Recording on a storyboard

11:08 Recording scrapbook for composition

12:00 Finale Notepad revised


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