Shed The Music


in with Mr H is a music education resource website providing content for teachers and students. The YouTube channel includes a wide range of free content, as well some of their course material, and some content from their Teachable courses.

Shed The Music has a wide range of tools covered and explained through tutorials in Garageband, BandLab, NoteFlight, SoundTrap and others.

They have a full curriculum provision via their own online portal with practices, lessons, tasks, assessments and a teacher community, and so some of the content exemplifies this offer as well.

There are some really useful and detailed technical explanations for teachers, such as this microphone explainer video

As well as explainers around more fun things like this make your own memoji video

Shed The Music have  a number of ‘One a day challenges’ to work through, as well as modelled Lap drumming challenges that you can use with learners as well.

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