Tips to Use OneNote to Teach Music | Part 1 – Images & Inking





OneNote is a note taking app for organising pages into folders. In this video I talk about using OneNote to teach music. I cover using the app and in the browser, both through Office365 and Teams, or through a free Microsoft account. This is part one of a series on OneNote. In this video I focus on using images and ink in OneNote for backgrounds and supporting images, as well as notetaking in music, creating graphic scores using tables, sharing different musical file types (e.g. mp3, finale notepad, etc) and supporting practical activities. I start to touch on listening and appraising using OneNote, which I then cover in more detail in the later episodes of this set.

0:31 Intro

1:30 Page backgrounds and background images

5:36 Note Taking and Highlighting Examples

7:39 Sharing Files

9:46 Creating Graphic Scores

11:23 Beat Matching

12:01 Understanding Structure

12:58 Listening and Appraising


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