Music With Mr McNulty



Mr McNulty creates videos as Music Lessons to show to learners, often with teacher to teacher introductions to help you understand what is to be covered. He has great enthusiasm for the range of subjects covered.

He includes Garageband, videos, detailing recording guitar and digital guitar, as well as editing and recording within Garageband. He shows how to  programme and record drums as well as recording an instrument and making music in Garageband.

Mr McNulty has a number of Google Chrome Music Lab related videos, especially using Song Maker and linking with other curricular areas when making music. There is a nice series on using Kandinsky to explore music creation using drawings, focusing on pitch, expression and timbre

Looping and Exploring Rhythm is covered frequently, especially using Super-Looper as a recording app, and making beats, music and learning timing skills.

His Music Theory content covers Reading Notes on the Treble Clef stave with activities, as well as learning first Scales, Identifying Music Notes, and starting to have fun composing simple Music and Rhythms.

Mr McNulty also has a large bank of ukulele and guitar lessons for beginners, including riff of the week to highlight and teach a new motif each time.

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