Mr Velez Virtual Classroom



Mr Velez has two channels worth a mention, his own personal channel for his creations and tips and his Virtual Classroom Channel of content for learners.

He has really great tutorials – as a composer, arranger, and sound engineer as well as a teacher his videos are very technically accurate as well as very enthusiastic for everything he does. He shares a number of examples of student compositions, in various tools such as chrome song maker which are really useful to share in your own classrooms to help students understand what they are working towards, as well as play-a-longs in aqwertyon, a browser based tool for easily playing chords on a computer keyboard.

Mr Velez also has good tutorial videos for learning to use and teach with aqwertyon – and on his website, pop songs and classics arranged using aqwertyon as well.

Song maker  as part of the Chrome Music Lab set  of online tools is covered extensively, with lesson introductions and examples to use to show in class.

He has some useful explainer videos around chord demonstrations and notation reading.

There are frequent examples of his own students performing and learning the music, which is great to share to your own class.

Mr Velez explains the ‘Figure’ music app piece by piece with demos and examples as well.

He also has a good number of recorder tutorials with play along, as if in class, that you can use direct to students or in tandem with your own explanations.

On his other page you will find his own compositions, as well as demonstrations and tutorials about using Studio One, Reason and a number of other mixing tools.

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