Meg’s Music Room



Meg’s Music Room’s channel has a range of videos with different helpful content. Meg’s got a few different types of content, both for teachers and also talking direct to students.

She is great fun – not afraid to introduce comedy and laughter in to her lessons and shares all sorts of things she’s trying out in her own classroom.

She has a good range of Bucket drumming videos – with count ins and play along scores and useful examples to copy. She uses helpful dynamics reminders and some of her own her own backing tracks. Meg has a real range of levels which are clearly marked to choose or work through and I really like the intro pattern practices before the main play alongs.

Meg has a number of Music minute videos stuffing a large number of facts in one minute about composers, styles, and other topics.

There are also some great fun Read-a-louds to play to students, where her classroom persona come to the forefront.

Meg also makes Karaoke style sing-alongs, often in more comfortable keys, that are well put together.

And a bank of recorder lessons with her demonstrating, describing and then leading the play along for learners.

Meg has some fun ‘How to make’ videos, such as this one where she is working out how to create a pterodactyl  for a display which add further character to her channel.

As I said, Meg’s content is great fun – she is enthusiastic and entertaining, and she’s clearly getting more into making content again so I’m really excited to see what she will come up with in the future.

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