Ethan Hein



Ethan Hein is a doctoral Fellow at New York University amongst other roles and his channel builds on the content of his website, and contains a wide range of different content for educators.

Ethan primarily makes music technology videos using different music packages to visualise and help him explain the complexities of a wide range of classical and contemporary pieces. In this way his content is probably too complex for elementary or primary students, you may find it useful in building your own confidence in understanding and explaining musical forms and progressions.

Ethan uses Ableton Live to create visualisations of some famous and beautiful pieces which he talks through, as well as some entertaining and cleverly crafted remixes that may be useful inspiration for class, if likely not in Ableton at this age.

He has a real reservoir of content about Groove Pizza an online drum machine – with a number of different drum kit styles. As well as explanation videos about aqwertyon from NYU design lab that I mentioned earlier, using it to explain and visualise chords and harmonic relationships.

His website also contains further writing about jazz principles and practices and music theory.

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