6 Ways to Teach Music Online with FlipGrid





In this video I talk about using FlipGrid to allow educators to record lesson inputs that learners can watch if they are in school or at home. They can then respond with a video recording of their own, either via webcam or screen share. FlipGrid has a large number of really excellent tools built in to streamline this process for educators and maximise student engagement. FlipGrid is also great fun!

0:30 Intro
0:43 What is FlipGrid?
1:53 How to get it
3:44 What is it great for?
7:18 – 1 Group performance
8:24 – 2 Composition (Analogue)
10:30 – 3 Digital Composition
13:48 – 4 Presentation
14:36 – 5 Upload a recording
15:44 – 6 Live Whiteboard


The Element (Ken Robinson) – https://amzn.to/3jCsiOA


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