14 Ways to Teach Music Using Audacity | Part 2

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Today’s video is the second in my series about how to use and teach with Audacity. It covers 14 more examples of ways to use the app. This includes rounds and ostinato, found sounds and sound walks, making backing tracks, recording podcasts and stories, and editing speed, tempo, key and pitch of tracks, as well as exporting and using our audio. As well as that, this week’s ‘Teacher Read’ is ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek.


0:20 intro

0:32 recap

0:46 Making rounds

2:30 Making ostinato

3:36 Recording found sounds

4:03 Combining choir recordings

4:24 Podcasting

4:33 Making backing tracks

4:53 Changing key or pitch

5:25 Changing speed or tempo

5:38 Recording stories

6:03 Changing character voices

6:31 Export file types

6:54 Remove vocal

7:33 Changing volume and fading

8:49 Book: ‘Start With Why’



‘Start With Why’ (Simon Sinek) – https://amzn.to/3caGyeP



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